A quiet giddy rumble grew gentle in Cleo the Cow's utters as the sun set over her hinders.  

Soon darkness would embrace the barn and she will shed her cow exterior and take human form just like that bird did in the movie Ladyhawke, kinda. 

She will adopt the name "Eccentric Ernie", chain-smoke and walk freely across the nighttime landscape pathologically adding to her bulbous pile of pointy sticks. 


She can only hope meddlesome Monkey Tits does not foil her plans!


Cleo the cow cannot help but remember all the nights gone by where meddlesome Monkey Tits has used her superior monkey mind to out wit her and steal from her bulbous pile of pointy sticks.


One time in particular comes glaring forth in Cleo the Cow's memory.

  The air smelled unusual that night.  The scent of rust, wet wood and just a hint of pastrami and mustard filled the darkness as Eccentric Ernie returned to his, umm her, bulbous pile of pointy sticks.  Enthusiastic to enhance it.


Eccentric Ernie was used to the smell of rust and wet wood but sat silent on her bulbous pile of pointy sticks, her mind wandering off with a hearty hunger for pastrami. 

"Why do I smell pastrami?  I'd eat a hot pastrami with mustard sandwich if one stopped by."  Eccentric Ernie thought to herself.


The meddlesome Monkey Tits crouched carefully on a rock close by.  A hot pastrami with mustard sandwich, dripping its hot pastrami goodness, in hand.  She eyed Eccentric Ernie.  


Monkey Tits mustered her meddlesome mischief.  Soon it would be time to make her move!


Eccentric Ernie was cautious at first.  Until she saw the foil wrapped, big hot pastrami, treat.

(It is a well known fact that morphing cows love hot pastrami and mustard sandwiches.)


While Eccentric Ernie relished her meat treat with burning bliss, the meddlesome Monkey Tits sprung her trap!


It was on that dark night; the air rich with the scent of rust, wet wood and pastrami, meddlesome Monkey Tits ran off with Cleo the Cow's pointy sticks.

A cow never forgets...