The Free Spirit Cafe in Vernon, CT. is a strong supporter of the site.  "Strong" meaning they do not call the police on us...

These photos were taken there.

They have music trivia on Thursday nights.  It's a good time.  The name "Team SkiMask" is already taken.



Love Springs eternal at the Free Spirit!!

Can one find love in a ski mask?  The answer is, "yes" and we are not talking about the kind of love you pay for.

 During a snow storm two strangers in ski masks (a boy and a girl) entered the Free Spirit and, well, the photos speak for themselves. 

Unconfirmed reports say these two love birds left the bar, flew to Vegas and were married in their salvia-soaked ski masks.


It brings a tear to my eye every time I see those pics...  Good luck, my ski masked chickadees.